Project India

This project consists of 2 photographic/multimedia works and 5 video pieces that I made during stays in Auroville, an experimental community near the city of Pondicherry in southeast India.  I hope that in these works I have succeeded in capturing the range of my experience, from the serene land in Auroville to the chaos of Pondicherry’s big market, and the transitions in-between.

The Road to Pondicherry

The Road to Pondicherry is the result of my many walks along the heavily traveled East Coast Road and in Pondicherry proper.  In this multimedia piece, the images appear in rapidly changing groupings presented over a soundtrack of Indian jazz mixed with audio from 4 videos that I shot in this area.  Presented in this way, I hope to capture the feeling of the chaotic sounds, heat, smells, and constant change that enveloped me as I walked and photographed. 

Auroville Moments

Auroville Moments is of everyday small moments taken within the community of Auroville.  In this multimedia piece, I hope to capture the slow and relaxed feeling of being there. 

The Auroville Bus to Pondicherry

The Auroville Bus to Pondicherry is a video that I made sitting in the front seat of the old school bus that takes people from Auroville into the city of Pondicherry.  This video is of the second half of the ride as the bus turns from Auroville onto the East Coast Road leading into Pondicherry then stopping at the Sri Auborindo Ashram.

Auroville Land

Auroville Land is a suite of 4 videos of open land in Auroville during the early morning hours.

The East Coast Road Corner

The East Coast Road Corner is a video of the passing traffic shot from a corner of the East Coast Road and one of the the main roads that runs into Auroville.  This corners lies approximately 100 meters from Auroville’s Repos Beach on the Bay of Bengal.

Auroville Sky

Auroville Sky is a suite of 4 videos of the open sky in Auroville during the afternoon hours.

The Big Market

The Big Market is a video made in the chaotic and colorful market in Pondicherry.

Project India was created in 2007 - 2008.

Special Thanks to Tapas Bhatt and the Kala Khoj Artist Residency Program in Auroville, India for granting me a residency during which these works were made.